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Human, unfortunately, are inclined to crave for materialistic gains. We rely too hard on the success of technology, and tossing excessive greed over the advancement in wealth, fame or status. In such light, we have not lived in accord with nature, trampling peaceful coexistence and dissipating valuable resources without realizing that we are threading the ground of planetary destruction.


Human is the core substance of nature. If you are not pacing your way with that of nature, perhaps you are drifting and floating aimlessly. Nevertheless, if you are able to go hand-in-hand and amalgamate your daily routine with the wonders of the Mother Nature you will experience its real essence. Hence this is the real purpose of living and most importantly a respect for the sanctity of life.

The populace, unfortunately concentrate too much on the progresses of technology, richness and power. They have indeed overlooked the true value of self and the dignity of life. Most frequently people try to gain at all cause, a mere destruction of nature for the sake of personal benefit. Not knowing that by doing so they are upsetting the equilibrium of nature and treading the ground to damnation. Further, many of the youth, our supposing future leaders have carelessly squandered about with little or not much concern over the significance of proper living. Let alone asking them to rekindle planet evolution, or boosting world peace and harmony.


Therefore to illuminate such misguided perception of life we need to retrieve the "Beauty of Man", letting the most sincere, compassionate and beautiful conscience to be in control of our being. We must learn to love Nature dearly, by paying sincere respect to Heaven and Earth and honor them as our parents. We treat all earthly beings, including the marine life, flora and fauna as members of Nature family. Let Heaven, Earth, human and all beings survive in unison on shared culture of the human race. Let us learn the significant of protecting, loving and glorifying the life on oneself and that of others. Moreover, let the respect of the dignity of being prevails.





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